The job

As mentioned in previous posts, 2021-2022 has been trying times. One of my main concerns was money and stability. This is something we all need in this thing called life. The ability to move forward with no worries or pressure; enjoying each moment stress free. However, I feel more stressed out than ever did.

I’ve been out of work since the end of 2020 and finally landed a job. Since then, I’ve stretched every penny, borrowed and lived within my means. The worry of when I will receive a call back echoed in my mind. What resulted was wasted time searching to no avail. Recently, I’ve received an e-mail that changed my outlook. Despite continuously submitting applications and attending interviews the past 2 weeks; I’m still unsatisfied. Even though the job is a management position, I still feel like I accomplished nothing.

Some would say that I’m over thinking the situation and worrying about nothing. They have no idea the reasons or validity of why I feel as such. I feel that every job, or potential job leads me closer to someone else’s goal opposed to my own. For over 20 years of random jobs, my labor made others rich. All that I had to show for it was a sore body and a drained soul. Sure, I’ve been employed by some fine establishments, but it was just that; a job. Was I able to grow, yes. Yet, I still wondered about escaping the rat race and becoming my own boss. To work for self is the most fulfilling experience known to man. There’s no let down of termination or being overlooked for well-earned promotions.

Self sufficiency is the name of the game. To successfully bring your dreams to fruition is an amazing feeling. It sure beats feeling like an hourly wage-slave. We all deserve to feel happy while making money. To those who feel like this isn’t being realistic, I advise you to stay miserable in your own corner and leave me out of it.

This time around I must approach the job with a different outlook. Perception is everything and in order for me to make the best out of this situation, I must look at it differently. Sure, I am happy about finally being employed but am I stepping towards my dream or away. With a new outlook I am running towards them. Some sacrifices must be made in the process, but I will overcome all adversities.

So, in order to see the big picture we must have clear vision. Sometimes that means stepping out of your own way.


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