To those who doubted

I dedicate this post to those who doubted me in the past. Those so-called friends/supporters who turned their backs in my time of need. To those who constantly anticipated my downfall. I salute you all. As Nas said “much success to you, even if you wish me the opposite”.

We all have those who are truly in our corner. They are indeed our strongest support system. Kudos to those who desire to see another person give it their all and succeed despite the odds. On the other hand, there are those who go out of their way to sabotage others endeavors. Whether it be those who doubt, slander, or capitalize off of one’s mistakes in life; they await in the darkness with ill intent.

To wish another’s downfall truly speaks of unresolved issues within themselves and their want for everyone around them to feel as they do. Personally, I have a long list of those who doubted me, both friends and family. Misery indeed loves company. Realistically, not everyone will show the same love and support that’s needed to move forward. In time, you will see who is there and who is not. My brief stay in prison taught me who my real support system was. It also revealed to me those who anticipated my demise. My trust in the universe allowed me to bounce back with resiliency. Despite having to work 3 times as hard to regain everything lost, I’ve remained humble.

Some may not see your vision as you do because their eyes are still closed. It’s not their job to believe in yourself; it is your job. That can be a difficult task when trying to figure out who’s who and who has your best interest at heart. We all know of someone who would shoot down your idea just to turn around and steal your idea. Unbeknownst to them their attempt leads to failure. It is then which they realize that you remained unbroken.

During my earlier years, I was passionate about creating music and art. So much so, that I made it a mission to improve on my talents by dedicating time and resources to my craft. However it’s always a friend or family member telling me “that won’t work”, “why don’t you get a real job”, “you’re wasting your time”. Unfortunately for myself, I listened to them. Their bitterness clouded my own vision to the point that I almost gave up. My advice to others: follow your dreams or get chased my nightmares.

Let’s face it; some weren’t put on this earth to work a 9 to 5 just to end up physically drained and emotionally broken. We came here with a purpose. Sometimes that purpose is to create something that change the dynamics of another’s life. Art of all sorts creates a catalyst for change. No matter if it’s a calming tune, comforting food or visual therapy. Art changes moods and sparks inspiration in others. Should we expect everyone to feel the same? No. There are those who can’t stand to see another gain success and would endlessly project their own insecurities. No matter if they are the crab in the barrel or the rat in the lab, they will undermine others attempts to uplift themselves. so, pay no mind to those who doubt. If you do, you too will be plagued by self-doubt. Soon everything will fall like a house of cards. Believe in yourself, even when no one else does.


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