A gift or curse…….. or is it

Some consider being multi-talented a gift while others deem it a curse. I beg to differ. There are limits to creation and if you possess multiple talents then you should work all angles.

In the past I’ve been told to pick a skill and stick to it. I would agree to an extent. Each medium is based on mood and moods are unpredictable as the direction of the wind. There are days that I wake up wanting to draw or paint something so unique and intriguing. Then there are days I wake up with a mind full of music that has to be recorded.

The Gift: Being multi-talented allows diversity and versatility. The soul has more than one way to express and it should not be limited to one medium. As mentioned previously, it’s all about mood. Each mood has a unique direction, and takes on a life of its own.

The Curse: Time and attention. Any skill requires time, patience, and practice. Handing multiple tasks can be draining but perfecting 5 or 6 talents at the same time is similar to draining water from a rock. It reveals the workings of an easily swayed mind.

In hindsight, I am glad to be blessed with multiple talents. When time allows I can host a visual art exhibit, provide all of the background music and cater the event. Granted that I would be due for a nap once the lights go out and the doors are locked. If you have multiple talents, I suggest that you embrace them all and improve on them simultaneously.


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