Funding for further ventures

Let’s be honest. Everything cost $$$. I’m currently in the process of raising money to fund further ventures. It’s hard finding others that share the same vision and are willing to see others dreams come into fruition. In the past I’ve supported others and their dreams only to be cast aside and disregarded. Yet, I kept my head held high.

As a youth, there were many ways that I could raise capital including stick-ups and drug dealing. I am no longer that person. This time around I choose to ask for support. Not only is it the more positive route, it is also a way to give back. Life has taught me that it’s all about helping one another and now I am the one asking for help. Lately, I’ve researched crowdfunding and how to build a successful campaign. Greatness cannot be accomplished by one man alone and now is the time to reach out to the world for help.

Feel free to send a cash app donation to $demografixart

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