Irony has been everywhere these past few weeks. In my last post I made a point about improvising. As sure as the sky is blue irony has bitten me and I tasted its bittersweet venom. The opportunity to show and prove made itself seen by a simple mistake made by a friend. Before I begin, let me give you a back story. All blog posts and artwork were made on my Android phone. However, I neglected to mention that the phone was never activated and I used wifi in order to connect to the net, use certain apps, and access cloud accounts & resources. Shit was all good until hours after I made that post.

That afternoon I was in the middle of working on a new project. Determined to finish before the day ended, I poured my heart into the work until I received a call from a good friend. Normally I would decline visits until all work is complete but I felt the need to take a break and partake in a brew with my homie (the piece was finished but only required filtering). Tragic mistake that was, but things always happen for reasons. I placed my phone on the charger, cracked open a Bud Ice and rolled a blunt. To my surprise, my friend spilled his beer on both my modem and wireless router. The world froze still as I rushed to unplug all devices in the area. Enraged, but with a calm demeanor, I quickly dried the modem and router then placed them both in a bag of rice. My mind went into panic mode since majority of my art apps required internet service. How fucking ironic since I wanted to show off the art work which was completed just moments before my friend stopped by. By the way, I am addicted to art apps and felt like a heroin junkie going through withdrawal symptoms. The next two days were spent in an inactive state waiting for the rice to absorb all liquid inside the router (the modem actually survived). In the corner of my eye I felt a tear that simply refused to fall. “Please work”, I said to myself as I reassembled the wireless router before plugging it in. Sparks flew as soon as the prongs touched the outlet almost shocking the living shit out of me. The router was completely DEAD.

Instead of going haywire and pulling out the rest of my hair, I was reminded of the closing lines of my previous post. Back to basics INDEED. Since I am creative in other areas, I’ve decided to place my time into studying my crafts. The past week was dedicated to reading various tutorials including sketching, photography, animation, color theory, movie making, and coding. The nature of improvisation kicked in autopilot as I found myself toying around with new techniques in photography using my cell phone and a flashlight. Don’t ask about the flashlight, lol; that’s for another post.

Never limit yourself. Situations may happen just to test your will. The creative spirit in you will find ways to work around adversity. As I typed the last sentence I received a call from the same friend who is replacing the router. We shared a quick laugh as I mentioned that I am creating a blog post about the situation. Determination is key and without that the creative spirit dies never to be resurrected again. I take this situation as a lesson learned and I am more than willing to apply it to all areas in life.

Remember: Irony is EVERYWHERE and one day it will reveal itself in ANY form. Be prepared because your creative will is going to be tested. How you deal with the situation will determine your strengths or weaknesses.


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